School Council

The School Council at Garfield Primary School empowers children to have a say in the running of their school. It ensures that the pupil voice is heard by senior leaders, as well as giving the children a greater sense of belonging and ownership of the school, helping them become more confident in presenting their opinions, and developing deeper understanding of how to work co-operatively to make positive changes.

Each class from years 1 to 6 elects one member of the school council. The councillors are elected by secret ballot after applying for the job by writing to their class teacher, then giving a presentation to their class about why they would be a good councillor.

Once elected, their job is to represent the views of their class at council meetings and feedback to classmates about discussions that take place at council.

The School Council is a key part of how fundamental British Values are incorporated into Garfield Primary School, particularly those of respect for democracy, participation in the democratic process, respect for other people and an understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process.

It also allows children to have a positive influence in how the school develops and in improving the school experience of all pupils.

Achievements of the councillors include hosting the Mayor of Merton at a council meeting, when they explained how they worked and what their aims were, and representing their classmates’ views about how playtimes could be improved, and other issues, to the acting headteacher.