Attendance/ Punctuality

Children need to attend school every day unless they are ill.  If your child is absent from school you must let the school know before 9am.

Report Sickness Form
Phone: 0208 540 1053

The school will not authorise leave of absence unless there are exceptional circumstances. Holidays during term time must not be taken and will not be authorised.  If you do take your child out of school for a holiday then you may incur a fine from the Local Authority. 

Every term, children with 100% attendance will be awarded with a certificate and small prize in a special attendance assembly.

The school gates close at 8.50am.  Children who arrive late must enter the school via the office where your child will be signed in. All children from Reception to Y4 must be accompanied by an adult.  Parents who consistently send their children in late to school will be written to and, if no improvement, then invited to a meeting at school to discuss how we can work together to improve punctuality.

Please find below a copy of our Attendance Policy, together with the Request for Exceptional Leave of Absence Form.

Garfield Attendance Policy Jan 2018
Request for Leave of Absence Form