New Parent Key Information


We are very pleased to welcome you and your child to Garfield Primary School.  Please see below for some key information that may help you with the move to our school:


School Tours

We are currently unable to offer school tours due to covid, however we hope to reinstate these as soon as we possibly can.  In the meantime we have put together a virtual tour which can be found here.


School Admissions Form

Before your child starts with us you'll be asked to complete a school admissions form.  This will provide us with key information, such as contact details, medical issues, dietary requirements etc. 

School Uniform

Please find our school uniform requirements here: School Uniform List.  We are proud of our uniform at Garfield and all children are expected to wear it.  Please clearly label all items of clothing with your child's name.  Your child should also bring their own water bottle labelled with their name. 


Breakfast and After School Club

We are very lucky to run our own in-house breakfast and after school club. This means we've not had to operate any waiting lists.  Booking is done online via ParentPay (see School Payment section below).  Breakfast club must be booked and paid for 1 day in advance and after school club must be booked and paid for by midday on the actual day.

Our breakfast and after school club is available to children in Reception to Year 6. We normally ask that your child does a couple of settling in days with us before they can attend these sessions. Please note we do not currently take nursery children. 

For more information please see here.

Children due to start Reception in September 2021 will be able to use our wraparound care from Monday 6th September, 2021.


School Communication

Garfield uses a system called ParentMail to communicate with parents.  All letters, including the newsletter are sent using ParentMail.  It is therefore very important that you have an active account, so that you don't miss anything.  Once your child has started with us, you should receive notification from ParentMail that you have been registered by Garfield Primary school with a link to follow to register.  Please allow a couple of days to receive this. 

Please note that ParentMail is fully GDPR compliant. 


School Payments

Garfield Primary School is a cashless school and we do NOT accept cash or cheques. We ask parents instead to use ParentPay for all payments via

You will be provided with full details along with a username/ password after your child has started with us.  More details can be found here.

Please note that ParentPay is fully GDPR compliant. 


School Dinners

Children in reception, year 1 and year 2 are eligible for free school meals.  30hr nursery and year 3-6 must pay for their school dinners in advance via ParentPay.  If you would like your child to have school dinners please let the office know by emailing Information on school dinners can be found here

If your child has any dietary requirements or food allergies, you will be able to tell us about these when you complete the school admissions form.  You will then be asked to compete a medical diet form and your child will NOT be able to have school dinners until their medical diet has been approved. 

If you ticked the allergy box please list all allergies and provide the school office with medical evidence.  Please note, if your child has a food allergy, you will be asked to complete a medical diet form and your child will not be able to have school dinners until their medical diet has been approved.


 Google Classroom 

All our children have google classroom logins and you will be issued with these after your child starts.  In the unfortunate event that we experience another lockdown, all our learning will move online using the google classroom platform.  


Cool Milk

All early years pupils (other than those who have stated a milk intolerance) are offered 1 carton of milk every day at Garfield, up until they turn 5 years old. At this point you can opt in to pay for milk for your child if you still wish them to have it.

The milk is not provided by the school, but is a free government initiative and is supplied to us by a company called CoolMilk. More information can be found on their website  If you register with them before your child turns 5 they will send you an email reminder around your child's 5th birthday to check whether you'd like to pay for milk after this point.


Nursery and Reception children

Our early years children (nursery and reception) will also be given login details for Tapestry and Busy things.  We use Tapestry as our online learning journal and through this you will be able to view your child’s observations, photographs and videos. Busy Things is a very useful resource platform for younger children and will allow you to help your child progress at home with their learning.